You can Live Longer and Better

Herbal Well-Being Promoter
can be an alternative and uniquely therapeutic herb supplement that can help you to reach your goal of living longer and healthier.

Herbal Well-Being Promoter
has been evaluated, approved as an herbal medicine for the treatment and prevention of the health problems, and was given the permission number of Chinese Medicine Producer by China National Drug Supervision Administration Bureau in1985. From then,

Herbal Well-Being Promoter
has been legally marketed as an herbal medicine for coping with the chronic diseases all over China.

Because of its high quality, Herbal Well-Being Promoter was honored as a Nationwide Grade A Herb Capsule by China Department of Traditional Chinese Herb Medicine in 1999.

Herbal Well-Being Promoter, as a sophisticated herb medicine, is well developed and produced by China's renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Co., which is a modern manufacturer for Chinese herbal medicine. The company has had more than 50 years' of great experiences in manufacturing Chinese herbal medicines and other herbal health products. The company has mainly focused on the research, development, and manufacturing of Chinese herbal medicine since 1950s'.

The company is now ranked number two in large-scale business in China's industry, and is one of the 50 largest traditional Chinese medicine enterprises in China today. It has over 400 sets of medical equipment and instruments advanced both in China and abroad , enabling the company to produce over 160 kinds of herbal products in pills, tables, pellets, and capsules. Many of them are abstracted from Chinese herbal medicine. For all products produced, the company has strictly followed Pharmaceutical GMP in manufacturing and producing process.

By using modern and advanced technology, the company can produce more than 160 herbal medicines for China's health care market each year. Many of the products have been exported to countries abroad, such as America, Europe, and South-East Asian, and are very popular in both domestic and foreign markets. Herbal Well-Being Promoter is a super product of high quality, and recently marketed abroad by the company

Experiments in Pharmacology has proven that Herbal Well-Being Promoter has significant therapeutic effects in the improvement of human health and level of functions, and it has been a patent herbal medicine in China as a first class health product in term of its' specific health effects.

The scientific technologic achievements of Herbal Well-Being Promoter were tested and appraised by the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine as the leading position among herb products of the same category domestically. The quality standard of Herbal Well-Being Promoter has met the requirements of China National Standard for Chinese Herb Medicine, and has been registered in Chinese National Protected Medicines.

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Research over the years and clinical applications to millions of people in China have shown that Herbal Well-Being Promoter had no negative nor allergic side effects. Toxicological experiments in China have demonstrated it is safe and has no toxic effect.
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